Infant CPR Anytime


Parents can now learn the lifesaving skill of Infant CPR and relief of choking in 20 minutes. With this self-directed learning program, parents, grandparents and others who are responsible for the care and safety of an infant can learn these lifesaving skills.

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Infant CPR Anytime is an “all-in-one” learning kit that teaches the basic skills of infant CPR, relief of choking and the chain of survival in 20 minutes.

Infant CPR Anytime teaches CPR using  research-proven “practice-while-watching” technique, which allows the learner  to watch an instructional DVD while practicing their skills on a personal manikin.  The learning kit allows users to learn these life-saving skills anywhere, either in the comfort of their own home or in large group settings.

Hospital maternity wards, churches, and local community centers can host training sessions and use Infant CPR Anytime to teach those who may not normally take a traditional CPR class. It’s a great way to reach out into the community and train more people in the life saving skills of infant CPR.

Infant CPR Anytime is designed to be shared with close family members and friends, because more lives can be saved.



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